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The GMT price is currently trading at around $2.50 - $2.70, since Bitcoin and the rest of the crypto markets have corrected. GMT is yet to be listed on Coinbase and may continue to go up in 2022. Sweatcoin is a Revolutionary Move-To-Earn Project That does not only let you earn from walking, running, or jogging but also. from doing INDOOR WORKOUT activities. With our advance AR Technology implementd. to the app we will be able to read your movement, calculate, and turn it into our sweet token $SWEATS. Sweatcoin é um aplicativo que paga os usuários para caminhar ou correr. Disponível para celulares Android e iPhone (iOS), o app que paga por passos funciona. Sweatcoin VisionNot Yet Rated. Sweatcoin Vision. 4 years ago. Sweatcoin Premium. Welcome Video.
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